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MiDental Dental Practice offers overall servicing of your dental and oral health. You will be treated not as a „mouth full of problems“ but as a person. Our ultimate goal is to create aesthetics harmonious with nature. Our basic rule is to give you treatment without pain. The first thing you will be given is an anaesthetic free of charge. Also, because we respect your PAIN, in emergencies we will do our best to receive you and quickly alleviate your pain. Our team at MiDental include specialised professionals which can provide an interdisciplinary approach to solving your problem.

Healthy Teeth Program

At MiDental we will treat your cavities and will try the filling to look as close as possible to the natural appearance of the tooth. If the problem has affected the nerve of the tooth, then we are ready to undertake a modern and up-to-date root canal treatment. If you have problems with already killed teeth we will do our best to retreat them successfully and postpone an extraction. This precision this procedure is carried out with in dentistry can be paralleled only to „cardiac surgery“. We will do the impossible to rebuild and bring back to life your nearly destroyed teeth.

Healthy Gums Program

At MiDental you will receive a comprehensive prevention treatment to ensure the health of your gums and to fight periodontitis. We will estimate the current state of your gums and will teach you how to properly and effectively use various means of oral hygiene. We will remove any harmful for the gums factors, as well as tartar and deposits. We will clean the deep gum pockets of any harmful substances. We will create a customized monitoring schedule to prevent bad gum condition – a problem as serious as tooth decay, which can cause tooth loss if not treated over the years.

Prosthetics Program

We can offer a wide range of crowns and bridges. You can choose the material they are made of, as well as the method of tooth preparation for the treatment (threshold and non-threshold). We offer all-ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges – state-of-the-art in aesthetic dentistry. We make a wide range of dentures – plastic – partial or complete. If in your case a more suitable solution will be a model-cast bone-frame / shaped prosthesis, we will offer you that option and we will make the most appropriate fixing to your existing teeth.

Children’s Smile Program

We all have unpleasant childhood memories related to dentists. As a consequence – long overdue treatments, complicated problems and lost teeth. At MiDental we want to leave all that in the past. We can work under local anesthetic with your child. We are ready to spend enough time with them to predispose them and gain their trust. We are qualifying in the direction to offer such treatment to the children as not to interfere with their overall health. In a game approach we will explain how we will treat the bad tooth and why this is necessary. We will teach them how to clean their ​ ​ teeth properly. We will also follow if their teeth
arrange properly.

Aesthetics Program

If you do not like the color, shape, arrangement or the overall harmony of your teeth, gums and smile, we will make sure we discover the overall concept of the desired change. We will create a model project, and show you demonstration models of the prospective change. We will accomplish it by changing your natural teeth color through professional whitening – either at the clinique or in the comfort of your home. This is a procedure we have years of experience in. We will make sure your gum health matches your smile. We will correct the shape and/ or the position of your teeth using dental veneers or crowns. We will adjust the
overall arrangement of your teeth and if necessary of the jaw through orthodontic treatment. Until we give you your dream smile!

Restful Sleep Program

At MiDental we can make you a night aligners against the gnashing of teeth. This will protect your teeth from abrasion and your mandibular from injury. We can also make you a device against snoring, which in a great percentage of the cases relieves this unpleasant situation and provides you and others with a longer restful sleep.

Orthodontics Program

Our goal is to monitor and ensure the proper arrangement of your teeth and the correct position of your jaw, which will provide you with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums. It can be said that there is no age limit for a successful orthodontic treatment, and personal motivation is the key to this! We will make sure you receive the appropriate orthodontic treatment, customized to your needs.