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Dr. Dalemsky

Dr. Mihail Dalemsky

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Dr. Mihail Dalemski graduated with honors in dentistry from Sofia Medical University in 2001. He did his student apprenticeship in a reputable private medical and dental center. His current professional interests include restorative, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Dalemski’s plans for further professional development are related to orthodontics. He has attended over fifty postgraduate courses in the areas of contemporary dentistry and dental marketing.

Since 1998 Dr. Dalemski has been an associate on the team of Dental World newspaper. In 2001 he became part of the editorial team. His publications cover a number of scientific events, as well as interviews with world renowned dentists.

Dr. Dalemski started his independent dental practice in 2004, when he co-founded MiDental. Initially the practice address was 7 Milin kamuk St, Lozenets, Sofia. Since the Spring of 2010 the practice moved to a new address – 45 Pirotska St, Sofia, it was completely renovated and modernized.