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Our Practice

 MiDental Team

Perhaps the greatest advantage and the most valuable component we have managed to built over the years is the team MiDental’s practice. Objects and equipment can be purchased and are replaceable, but people are not. Therefore this asset of ours is handled with love and great care. Our team grew over the years as dental nurses and skillful dental technicians joined us. The technical team which maintains the dental and sterilization equipment we treat our patients with, was also carefully selected and deserves great respect for their contribution. The suppliers of dental consumables are carefully chosen with a view to provide patients with the quality materials and state-of-the-art products they deserve. We owe great respect to the colleagues and specialists we work with in solving inter-disciplinary cases. Even our loyal patients can be considered part of our team, as we have built some strong and friendly relations over the years.

At MiDental we create harmony!

Sterilization at MiDental

Our main responsibility which we abide by at MiDental is uncompromised sterilization and disinfection of instruments and surfaces. We use selected disinfectants applied as per their technological instructions. We have invested in top class autoclaved equipment – autoclave class B – a guarantee for the destruction of all pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. The tools and equipment are kept in sealed packaging to ensure good sterility for months. We have excellent reports from the inspections of the hygiene control institutions.