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Dr. Dalemski is a very good professional. He works confidently and accurately, and always
abreast of the new developments in dentistry. My family, including my children, my
colleagues and friends, we all benefit from/ appreciate his professionalism.

Nelly Karadjova, 34

Dr. Dalemski’s cabinet is perfect! It is both aesthetically and professionally
very well equipped. I feel I receive a modern, twenty-first century treatment there. I have a great respect to the doctor because not only he is a good clinician but also has a wonderful sense of aesthetics.

Stefka Stoencheva, 67

I was afraid in my first visit. One tooth hurt a little while they were treating it, the other one
did too, although less. The second time everything happened very fast and they fixed the teeth
and it did not hurt at all. I’m not afraid anymore!

Alexandra Radeva, 9

I am pleased with the quality of service and the materials they use in MiDental. The cabinet is
at a convenient location. The doctor is very understanding and he had received me a few times
on emergencies outside of his working hours.

Svetla Sabeva